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The Tank Builder

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This game was developed with the intention of being the most customizable already created. Two months of developing. Really addictive!

Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot.

> A Weapon Maker where players can DESIGN their own weapons, and establish their shot power, energy use, fire rate and so on.
> A Free Play system, where the user can play and see the the difficulty increasing progressively.
> 40 levels.
> 22 different enemies and infinite possibilities of Tanks to draw.
> An elaborate save game system.
> Achievements system implemented.
> Mute Button
> Player can pause at any time (press Space, ESC or P)
> Minimap

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This is a Prewiew Edition, the developer is working on the full edition since a long time, so don't complain about the bugs or the gameplay

Btw Great Game!


Its a good game tank with upgrades cool :)

you can delete

you can delete unwanted guns, just drag them off your tank and onto the outside of the game sceen

bugs - soooooo many bugs

well yeah, first of all, you might consider doing some beta testing befor uploading stuff, might be a good idea ^^

so, i did like the concept of the game and i guess it kind of worked for me, seeing i spend bout 2 hours plaing this (with all the bugs ^^) but from time to time it just hurted -.-
after not beeing able to pass lvl 20 or so, i decided to go free play, and after getting my first self builded 230 power gun it went great - getting big multipliers and more money ^^
got myself an totaly overpriced 230 power 100 AE gun and startet to make money as hell - upgraded my tank to the max, made money until i yould get e pefect gun and then just rushed througt the next 20 missions without ever seeing an enemy again

you might consider to:
a: make it posibel to delet guns u don't need any more
b: get some more variaty in, well every thing, from map to enemys to weapons
c: you should work the weapon creation screen over, its kind a lame atm + you can make your self unbeatable strong weapons as it is
b: if you get some nice graphics and get a storry +++ this could become a realy great game

nuff said ^^


lower the cost of stuff and inprove on the music and graphics cuz there is a better tank like game like this but its way better