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Freeroamer Beta Game 2

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Ok a few things before you play this please.
1) The graphics are important, if you look at the game it will load, it may take a while since that game is all AS and i have been writting code for ever now.
2) Make sure NOT! to switch to high quality. Doing so may result in loss of communication to your computer as this is a major major RAM SUCKER.
3) Adjust the sliders to allow you to move faster, to the left is lower quality, if you are on the lowest qualtiy setting please please make sure you click the CLICK HERE IF YOU LAG box. If you do that it will divide the textures into sections allowing it to move faster :)
4)The controls are as follows:

UP- Move Foward
DOWN- Move Backwards
SPACEBAR- Shoot your gun

5)There is unfortuanatly nothing to fire at yet :-\ sorry about that I am programming characters and I am having trouble with Clipping.
6) If you have any Questions/Comments/ETC.. Please do not hesitate to contact me on AIM at

Thanks Everyone and Goodluck, This doesnt have a preloader s you do not start automatically, wait for the bottom to say 'DONE'



just like Commie killer, but where are the enemies.

this game is poor

this dumb game needs work badly


I think that this game has potential, but for a few reasons, it wont go far. 1. stop the music, get something catchier and doesnt get old, 2. work on the graphics a little harder, the old games like Doom have better graphics, 3. Get a variation of guns and like a campaign, that would help it a lot, and finally 4. Nice sliders, i have a really fast computer, and i am laggin like hell on the low quality, so reduce the RAM amount,



good game but...

really was no point to it... put some NPC's in there. Good considering it was done with flash though!


nice considering u can do that on flash. If u finish im pretty sure itll be crazy shiit

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Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2002
1:50 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other