Tower Blast

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Hi ya guys

Tower Blast is a cannon game where you have to blast the enemies castle to dust.

5 level to complete with upgradeable ammo, cannons and extra health.Just click the ingame shop to buy all these with money earned for good shots and bonuses.

You an earn bonus for destroying the enemies flag and additional cannon.

Enjoy you rampage with you cannon..

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Nice game but too short


Game concept is simple, but there's a glitch. It occurs when you hold down the left mouse button during the player's phase and releasing the button after the phase intro is done, leaves the cannon unable to fire and a bomb stuck in the top left corner.


It all looks good and works fine, but the back and forth is slow, and all you have to do is not move the mouse and you can pretty much hit in the same place over and over. I don't want to knock it down any, I'm just not impressed.

Not bad

I thought the game was pretty solid. You had decent graphics, pretty good sound effects, and an okay upgrade system. That being said, the game was a bit short, it was way to familiar, and the upgrades were boring. It was a decent game, but there wasn't a whole lot to set it apart from other games of that type.

Cool game.

I like it, fairly basic, played the first 2 levels, liked what I saw i would make a few suggestions.

Able to turn off the music and adjust the sound levels inside the game (While you are playing, maybe also at the beginning starting screen with a little options tab to allow adjustment of sound/quality/size of penor.)

More upgrades for your player, More cannons, more cannon balls (Bomb, fire, water, chained, Tom Fulps.) Maybe minions that you can buy for a 1 time add to attack strength or to take damage for you.

It was a little too easy once you figure out where the 'perfect hit is. Just around the critical stage. So after the first level I was getting perfect hits pretty much always. I'd suggest making the meter a little faster or harder to get the perfect shot.

Liked the upgrades you had, loved the art on the map, liked the overall feel, feels like thought has been placed in it and good times. :) I'd play this for a little while. I think a little more add ons and this would be addictive enough to come back to.

However, honestly at this very moment I'd play the game and then prob drop it at the sight of something shiny.

However, solid game overall. Thanks for uploading.

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2010
12:15 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery