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border of zombie slaught

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move using "A,W,S,D" or "Arrow key"
kill all enemies before they attacking your base.
- dont waste your ammunitions
- shoot range enemies first

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not too bad

I feel as though that if you put a little more effort into this game it would have come out better.

not bad

so-so game

well this game had potential

i am a big fan of both defense games and games including zombies so it saddens me that a game with such potential can have such pitfalls;

The first problem is the rifelman, there is no ai at all he doesnt aim/move/interact with the game at all, its just an obstacle, there should be more of them which can aim btw, upgrading the rifleman should upgrade there weaponry and eventually equip them with grenades further upgrades increase frequency of grenade throwing,

Magicians: these units are completely devoid of any real purpose other than barely visible blue dots it would have been more effective to position him either above or with the riflemen firing waves of something or healing the barricade, also the effects of the magician are poor at best if he is magical would it of been to much to ask for some display of how powerful he is rather than small dots.

the barricade: the barricade has its own problems for example no kind of in level regeneration this is a problem as there are multiple ranged enemies early on and the melee units swarm infront of them too fast making it almost impossible to kill them leading to a case of replaying the same early levels over and over until you have a ridiculously powerful gun capable of destroying all the monsters before they get past 1/3 of the battlefield.

Then enemies: the enemies were fine in theory graphically they were acceptable although even if there had been a variance in heights this would have made them seem appear less repeated and cloned as they were,
the guns were an interesting concept requiring you need to advance stats adding an RPG element that was a good idea but was poorly executed as you need the guns to advance past relatively early levels meaning you must repeat the same levels MANY times to get the money for the stats then to do it all again for the guns just to have to do it all over again next level now,
the level progression system: the random math questions were a novel idea BUT.. should have only been used when replying levels due to defeat and you should not have lost any money as the whole point of replaying a level was that you were ill equipped to finish it the first time, by taking away 20% of your money all you accomplished was make a very laborious and time consuming act 1/5th longer :\ (that annoyed me greatly)

the graphics: whilst some aspects had ok graphics (the guns, cool portrait of rifleman) the majority of enemies seemed too contrasting with both serious guns and portraits feeling like some kind of sim then with cartoon enemies and a wizard? both poorly drawn btw, the animation was relatively smooth so no complaints there really, the pre rendered background is whilst a nice concept is adding to the mixed feelings of sim vs a childs arcade game, it would have been better if the upgrades had shown some form of change to the environment changing of materials adding structures anything really to show your actions making an impact.

Upgrades: whilst the concept of upgrading hard earned items, abilities etc isn't new it is a welcomed feature but again feels poorly executed and rushed as there just aren't enough to keep up with the rapidly increasing enemies in both number and health/strength 3 isnt enough levels unless they are DRAMATIC improvements above the latter.

good points:
well it was a good idea, i like the pre rendered background

whilst i think you should make a sequel as the vision is there, i do personally believe it has been very poorly executed it feels like the team is both inexperienced and or rushed the project, so i will be following your work from now on in the probably naive belief you will remake/build from the ground up a new zombie defense game and that it will be everything i wish it truly is.

its good but it could be better

it needs more levels in the assistants, more levels in the barricades, more levels for strength, grenades, artillery, more than one (at least five) of the assistant riflemen, less random math, and better graphics. good try though and thanks for making levels repeatable, I hate defense games that don't allow that sort of thing.

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4.27 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2010
3:12 AM EDT