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If you are one of this faith then realize it is only paper and burning it does not burn that faith, and if you et it then you will burn in hell for not having true faith, i do not have faith so hell does not exist for me.


i was also bored made it in an hour or so so i could submit it on 9/11 at 9:11 PM

EDIT* now with shit lighter!
Edit** now with medal! that got denied.... but still shows in your medals!

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that is terrible.......we were all hurt by 9\11 but non of us have such racist point of view, you should not disrespect any man's believes no matter who he is, you are racist and stupid for doing that ,and you have not even read the holy quran to do such full of hate act,and if you do you will find it forbids any violence act against any man, plus NG.com is place to share art and thoughts to make a better world and not to spread hate like you do ,so I think that you are the terrorist and not the Muslims, Islam encourage peace and love and respect to others not like you racist man

NhollowWearthO responds:

LOL ok, so learn to read, and are you telling me that this flash is more evil then war over religion?

How dare you... First off, the animation is bad, second the sound quality is horrendous, and third HOW DARE YOU USE MY SONG TO PROMOTE SUCH HATE!!! Why'd it have to be a Quran, how would you like it if I burnt the King James Bible? You wouldn't either.

This was a terrible use of my song. I am not happy...


-DJ AsianTech

NhollowWearthO responds:

HAHAHA the graphics are not meant to be good the purpose of this was. 9/11 the time the day, also the current news was circulating Koran burning. King James Bible? LOLOLOLOL

Now it's time.....

For me to burn a real Quran!


you have no quran!

NhollowWearthO responds:

that made my fucking day :D


Even if you are warning us that you not made this in hate, it is still offending.
When you burn the koran. you do not insult terrorists but muslims!

But for the graphics, it is terrible. I do not know why you made this.
perhaps you are brain damaged. in that case i forgive you

NhollowWearthO responds:

boooo ack