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Generic FPS

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a tech demo for a "generic FPS"...
I'm just releasing this to hopefully get a little feedback before I add the additional content to make a final game. I mainly want to know if this runs at a good speed on your computer...
I've tried to write this so that it will run on most flash compatible computers (hence the simplicity of the engine).
Controls are written on the title page.
Green doors are opened by pressing "e", but red and blue doors need a coloured key.
To "finish", find the door with "exit" written on it. (finishing will just take you back to the title screen though)

This is really just to show the engine... not to show off the textures, music or AI... these will all be updated later.

I'm thinking that in the final version there will be around 6 - 12 levels, alot more floor/wall tiles, at least 3 more enemies and two more guns... maybe higher resolution textures (if enough people find this demo smooth enough and would prefer higher-res textures). Obviously ammo will be added and probably a survival mode for high scores (probably using mochi-media). Well, hope the engine works fine on your computer... don't expect Unreal 3 or anything... think more "wolfenstein 3d" or Ultima underworld.


looks like a gba fps or a ps1 game.

That was just a crappy version of the first wolfenstein game.

I'm sorry, it's just... it seems like there's no effort put into this game what so ever.


Neat Ideo

Maybe if you made this using Blender, you'd be able to make this awesome looking.

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3.16 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2010
5:10 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person