Escape Company Dungeon

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In this game you start out in the complete dark. You find ways to make light of your situation (awesome pun for 2:13am) with matches and a flashlight. There's plenty of items to find, an interactive puzzle to solve, and ways to lose! If you do lose, you can continue where you left off, or start from the beginning.

This game had tons of headaches with masking layers. Also, I was having issues getting the sounds to work together nicely. I hope there aren't too many game glitches. It was hard to test EVERYTHING that could go wrong, but I tried my best.

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Complex point n click Im a wimp

The game is decent submitted and offers a challenge however the mysterious dynamics are not user friendly . Let me explain . You are in a pitch dark room and you got an envelope with 4 matches . Each Match lasts 45 secons each . You use them to light your room walking . But I found lack of a map which helps you walk each section of the basement more easily as you find objects in the game and I found myself eventually lost . Also I found creappy the eye symbol at the metal door and the the blue markings at the walls which you can see with a blue light bulb at your flashlight .

Also I noticed a diffrence between normal bulb and the blue bulb while using flashlight . The Flashlight lasts 999 which is helpful to iluminate yourself. if you use the normal bulb your seconds go down slower than blue bulb . My hint is draw a sketch map while you got your flashlight off to avoid consume the battery.

A question :Does the Blue Markings of the walls indicate the sequence to hit the stones buttons on the dungeon? This question popped in my mind as I tried
to find an exit from the dark dungeon.

I recommend a Youtube video to show how you can get out Company Dungeon .

As I repeat again Brendan Good Game but eventually needs more details of the mechanics and a walkthrought to get enyojable. Is my opinion maybe im a wimp . Good work Brendan. 9/10 4/5


It may just be me, but this appears to be broken. however, it looks like it could be a good base if it was actually working. I just can't find any way at all to turn the light up even a little (still 0)

Thought I would beat this

....thought wrong. Got the Marbles,..don't know how to use them. Found all the wall codes. Don't know how that works. But it is a really good game,..kept my attention till I hit a wall. Great stuff.

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4.54 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2010
2:13 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other