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Age of Defense: Teaser

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Play teaser of our upcoming game, 'Age of Defense', the full version of the game contains 40 levels, 32 characters, 23 weapons, 16 spells, 8 worlds or ages, 8 survival modes, 35 achievements, tons of upgrades and special effects, the full version of the game is coming soon on newgrounds.com

We are waiting all feedback and suggestions from the players for more enriching features of this game that can be fun and interesting for all.

Teaser Instructions:

Hold mouse to increase the throw power, then release it to throw a big stone, kill enemy as many as possible, this teaser is survival only, there's no end, so how long can you survive? there will be a score result at the end of the game, get as many score as possible.

Press MENU button at the top of game screen to pause the game.

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Potential, but needs some polishing.

Final Score: 159577
Wave: 41

Well, the waves stop coming after 40 of them, so I think that's about it for a demo. And from what I see here you have a lot of potential, but you need to refine a few things.

The hitboxes for your flying enemies need to be adjusted, specifically for the flying Rocs. Oftentimes a thrown boulder would pass through multiples of them without actually registering collision. On a number of instances the boulders wouldn't even be thrown after charging, with the 'shot' wasted as it would disappear on mouse click release.

As an additional note, I want to point out that the upper waves have MANY enemies on screen at once at it slowed the flash down to a crawl through molasses on my machine, which is a little better than average. You may want to compensate for that.

Otherwise, good work. I hope to see the finished refined product coming out nice and well done, yet still juicy and addicting.

it's ok

nuthing to speshall and no real new sounds. needs some work if i'm to give it a 5 or 10.

Some teaser!

I did not have high hopes when watching this because I thought it was just going to be a short movie. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a game in itself! It is hard to call this a short game, as the game never ends, at least in theory. I have no idea what awesome things are going to be in the actual game. I found it funny how the female enemies took more than one hit to kill. I could just use that guy all day to randomly click and release things whenever I wanted, and I could play until I finally lost.

Because it's just a teaser

I'lll give it a decent score. But it's waaay too simple, I got bored after wave 2. and the controls were kind of awkward. I'm honestly surprised I hit on evey throw.


http://armorgames.com/play/6817/clash -of-the-olympians its like this but worst!