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Radio Zed

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You and your friends are stuck in a small town and your supplies running out. The radio transmitter on the roof of your building is your only hope for salvation, but it is still silent. The zombies outside seem to be attracted to the signal... use all your firepower to stop them!

Buy and upgrade new weapons and level up seven skills (three skills for your A.I. controlled comrades).


Run: [A],[D] or [LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS]
Jump: [W] or [UP ARROW]
Use doors/stairs: [S] or [DOWN ARROW]
Select weapons: [1] - [9]
Next/previous weapon: [Q], [E]
Order comrades to change positions: [F] (press repeatedly to cycle positions)

Sound volume: [+], [-]
Mute sound: [0]

I hope, you will have fun.

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Faster reloading!Please!

Great Gamer!

the reloading is too slow!!!

Not too bad but definitely needs to be improved.

It was pretty fun at first, not too challenging but not too easy. The allies you get are pretty much useless and I had to always have them both on one side so they would be at least a little effective. You need to add descriptions to the skills/perks so people know what they actually do. Weapons DEFINITELY need to be balanced and the damage and firing rate need to be reworked. Even though a gun is more expensive than another, that doesn't mean it is better in this game. There are several more expensive guns that you should just pass over. The sniper rifle is 100% useless and really should never be bought or used. After I bought and upgraded the m249, the game was brokenly easy. I just put both allies on one side, then stood at the door on the other side on the first floor. I just mowed down the ones on my side, then turned and shot the rest of my clip to the left. Rinse wash and repeat. Also, with a game that has NO ending, you need to have much much much more to do. After I got the M249, I began to feel bored and was anticipating a great ending. One that never came... I fully upgraded everything, and it never came... All in all, the player leaves with a slightly frustrated and unsatisfied feeling of the game. It has potential to be a great game, but needs a lot more work.