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(Runs best in Firefox with the latest plugin)
This game was inspired by Music Catch , only there are more songs , because of custom midi piano player , and you can actually see the notes you collect.

Hope you'll like it.

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it is fun

but like the great Murderface once said "it lacks zazz" its a little boring. and no its not the music i am an avid classical music listener, and attempted player lol. idk maybe its just me but it just seems a little boring at times lol. moonlight sonata doesnt sound like moonlight sonata..theres other things but i forgot them haha. they werent glitches just stuff that buged me lol. but there are definate good parts. unlike many other music based games if you dont get something then it doesnt make a stupid sound the music just keeps going, i like that part of it. and i like when you click the mouse it changes the color to white and black to collect the bonus points. the cool thing is. is that when the notes are playing they are actually playing, like the white notes are the actual white nots and the black..well u get it lol. this could use some sprucing up but other than that its pretty fun! 4/5

Good idea

good game and musics, but I miss Bach

who you let the father of classic music out???

Great game!

Creative take on the classic pixel collection game. Good choice of music, as long as you're a fan of classical music!

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3.93 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
11:52 AM EDT