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Mission To Pluto

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Your mission is explore the planet Pluto with your spaceship. You have very limited available oxygen to execute this mission, it's just enough for about 30 minutes. The spaceship initial velocity is speed of light although this is insufficient for successful mission. So you will receive a number of questions during mission. You get some fuel and speed for every correct answer (more fuel for fast answers). Good luck!

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this game is pretty boring it way to slow

really cool

awesome game, love the factfiles on planets and the added element of the questions. Nice music as well, very peaceful :D

I Really liked it..

Good concept.. you made it very enjoyable :) and "Lordtac".. shut up, who cares? have you seen some of the games on newgrounds? this makes 110% more sense than those.. its just a game it doesnt have to make sense.


some things really bug me about this game.

1- Why are we getting oxygen and fuel for answering questions? This makes no real sense.

2- Why are we starting from the sun? This also makes no sense.

3- Why don't we get a speed boost as we pass planets? most people don't recognize the gravitational boost but it would be a nice feature.

other then that its a decent game. unfortunately not much more then a quiz game.


finally a game on newgrounds that make you use your mind without porn at the end,you get a 7 its good but it can be great