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Kirby Warrior RPG 2- cafe

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I dont expect normal Newgrounds users to understand this, so dont try. This is a clip that will be inserted into the gameplay of my friend's fan Kirby RPG, "Kirby Warrior RPG II".

For more on the Kirby Warrior RPG series, visit


if you are interested ;D

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it doesnt even like an rpg

I remember this~!

I've been playing KWRPG2 for a while now. Tis fun. I saw this cutscene not too long ago.

P.S: Nice work on the BYOND KWRPG3!


I love that game. I had no idea there were going to be movie sequences! I can't wait for the finished version!

Pretty decent.

Look, as the description says, it's a scene from an RPG. This isn't the actual RPG. So don't be all bitchin'.
Good background music, by the way. And the actual RPG is pretty fun, I bet.

this isn't an rpg... or much of a movie

ill tell you what it needs: more time
style was ok (besides the fact you named it an rpg thats gonna cost ya)
good grapics
sound was... not that great but it was ok
no interactivity, again (ill repeat it some-illion more times over lol)
you should'nt have put "rpg" in
virtually no humor, work on it