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Spiritwood: Eldritch Towe

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Defend the woodland spirits against the invasion of vile humans and their monstrous forces! Addictive TD gameplay spread over 4 levels.

Classic TD gameplay with a twist: Each 10 waves, a new path opens up and the map graphic changes, enabling the player to retain his old tower setup whilst keeping gameplay fresh.

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Pretty good

I liked it, especially the idea of keeping my towers from the previous level.
I'd say that the balance is a bit off, as I used only 4 different units after figuring out what each one did. (the ice spirit, the druid etc I found mostly useless)
I actually went ahead and played it at your site to try out the archangel, but i'd say it's not worth its price.

difficulty is way low, which makes it relaxing but slightly boring. I field a new farseer every level and group most units close to the center, which greatly reduces the need for new units when more of the map clears up. The strength of the defense grows faster than that of the offense, so by the last level there's hardly anything to do.

I enjoyed the game, though :]

Nice game

It's hard to find a good~new tower defense game those days...
It's quite fun,but i got bored at level 3.
Never a human get close to my castle either.
I saw "Archangel" at level 2,it was too late to play at your site so i couldn't build it and it made me sad :(
Needs more towers or upgrades,nice game at all.
I will definelitly look around your website sometime!


Details were kinda lame and iffy but I overlooked them with the fact you can stack towers! The purple humans are a bit too overpowered. They run extremely fast and have very high hp. They are what killed me around lvl 2 wave 4 :( The best and worse tower had to be the druid. No where did it mention that the ball had to actually touch the opponent meaning if you put him in a place just for range you missed most of the time. The max lvl for freeze was useless too. I assume it goes 1 sec then max for 3 but I was lucky if even 1 enemy was frozen. The nightstalker was a cool tower but so freaking weak. It took about 4 of them to kill 1 purple at 30% hp and that was after I upgraded their power! Also I think the tower heal is glitched. when I got to lvl 2 I did not get any form of healing at all.

There's just something about it...

Although this game seems like a general castle defense game, there's just something about it that kept me playing and playing. I played for hours, and would have played through the whole game if my Safari hadn't crashed. I made it to the first wave of level 4. The mage theme is a good approach to the game, However, the game is a bit easy, since my castle did not receive any damage whatsoever throughout the three levels I played through. Also, a save feature would have been nice, especially in my case. Despite any of these small flaws, this is a very addictive game, and this may be the most time I've spent playing a game in one sitting out of any Newgrounds game. Well done!

Simple, yet addictive!

It's a game that will stray some away, like seeing that it will take some time to get used to, therefore doesn't succumb to some players' interests. But when you delve right in, you get that same old castle defense game that everyone loves. I can speak for myself when I say that it's a game you can sit down and juggle around for an hour or two. Well done, and very well designed! :D