Sharks & Trampolines

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Catch the falling men with your trampoline and bounce them back into the sky. Use the mouse to guide your trampoline. Don't let the men fall into the water or the sharks will eat them. If a man is eaten the water will rise. When the water gets to high the sharks will eat your trampoline and the game is over.

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love it :3

i only plaied it once but still that score made it the top score of the day(go me :3) i also like the music ,but the people can fall too soon to each other sometimes,also if you have a laptop like i do use a mouse its much better(for me)_anyway great game :)


I absolutely LOVE the music! I haven't the slightest idea why- but it's a great choice. As another person mentioned, it's a little hard to stay in the game with the touch pad- but then again, the pad sucks for most games. >.>

Not touchpad friendly

Really annoying when you're on a laptop and two people fall simultaneously. Especially after only about 20 seconds of play.

gio-m responds:

All thought i made this game on a laptop i never thought of testing it on the laptop touch pad :(. I used my mouse to test it. You are right sorry.

That was fun.

This would be more fun if it had a bit more characters. And if I'm not mistaken, those characters that were falling looked an awful lot like Mr. Game & Watch. An LCD kind of game would suit him. If you're making a sequel, please change the character.

gio-m responds:

I did draw him to look like Mr. Game & Watch. I thought he fit well with the vaudeville type music. I just finished making a LCD type game (and no i didn't use Mr game & watch in that one) so i didn't feel like making another one. I don't have plans to make a sequel but i will make a promise to you burnhelmet8001 that i will never us Mr. game & watch in a game ever again ;-).

Just one thing.

Quite like the game but you soon lose despite playing ability as two men frequently fall at the exact same time making it impossible to bounce them both. A game that is impossible to beat or do well in just can't get a high score, fix this and I could beat boredom with this for a long while.

gio-m responds:

I designed it to be possible to get both of the men when they fall simultaneously. You have to time it perfectly. I am starting to see that i might have made it to hard.

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2010
6:50 PM EDT
Skill - Other