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Super Ninja VS Alien

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Author Comments

This is my first flash game, but i hope u still will have fun for at least a couple of minutes ; )

-Arrowkeys to move
-Spacebar to shoot
-Red Runes are Heal
-Brown Runes are PowerUps
-there are 4 (short durational) PowerUps all with different damage output (only important for bosses)

Btw. there is an Endboss and this game has an end.....defeat 3 Minibosses and the Endboss and its over....

UPDATES: Made the Charakter smaller and everything a bit slower......now a lot easier to play!

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It was a short game, but I enjoyed it.

A few suggestions though.If you're gonna make a sequel, change the setting. I don't find how a ninja in a city makes sense. Add some ground combat too, gravity affects everyone. And finally, add a bit more enemies. I find it easy to predict. Overall, it was a really fun game! Keep up the good work!

Clearly a good game, just look at the title

However, that being said this game does need work. The ninja is too big and it is close to impossible to dodge the aliens or first boss (That's as far as I could reach due to these downfalls). Another problem is the speed that the aliens come at you, a very good reaction time is needed to keep up with the game. A lack of instructions at the beginning left my first few attempts at the game basically trial runs - Instructions in the 'Author Comments' do not count as this is not the place for them. The runes you are actually unable to get without recieving a hit from one of the aliens which therefore pretty much makes them pointless as getting one seems to be the same as just killing yourself, another problem with the runes is you haven't included anyway of detecting how long they last. My last problem with the game is how you can hide at the bottom and not be hit. A good basis for a game but shamefully wasn't excuted well enough, I understand this is your first and because of that I say what you have done is promising. KEY ADVICE - Remember it's the detail and little things that make a game worth playing.

Interesting...in matter of fact I like it XD

WOW; even its not the best game ive ever played but its cool to see what you madeXD. i dont know about you but its really hard to make a flash game XP i know myself : )

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, thats right, making my first flashgame was like being trapped in hell xD
At first i made almost every mistake u can do (like accidently deleting the graphic files like 5 times lol) ....but unfortunatly thats the way you learn it much better......
and there are not many good tutorials outside either

Needs work.

While the concept is good with the ninja being so large even if you are shooting you can't help but avoid the aliens. Resize the ninja and slow the game speed down a little and it'd be a much better game. I can tell you put effort in to this so I give you 6/10.


lol this game is awesome, just from the name i could tell :)

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2010
2:40 PM EDT

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