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ParoVadius (2002 Version)

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In A.D. 2002, War Was Beginning...

In making ParoVadius, I learned lots about Frash, and had lots of fun doing it. This movie was inspired largely by the AYB fever of 2001, and stands as a tribute to many great Konami games, such as CastleVania, Contra, Gradius, and Konami's self-lampooning Parodius. How many references can you find?

Production bracket: April 24, 2002~June 20th, 2002.

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What's the rock track when STAC shows up on the TV?

Crossovers: my favorite form of crack.

Am I biased? ... ... ... Yeah.


Well it was not what i expected


I am quite impressed you managed to have effects this good all the way back in 2002. It was weird how the main character had an image resolution lower than that of some other people. I have seen the newer version of this, and it is in fact better. My only complaint with this is that it should have had more action. From the very beginning with the ship crashing into the building, I was hooked! The weird ending with all the credits was a strange, but still a nice touch.

Still laughing at this

Despite you having already remade this, I still find your original version much more entertaining than your RESET version.