Monster Mowdown

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Purchase weapons and assistance to help defend your territory against hoards of enemy zombies.

50 rounds in all!

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awesome but

it gets old quickly and its unreasonablely hard and the mercs are just too expensive

H and space killed me

It's a great game. Really fun and addicting but at a couple points the space and especially the H keys were unresponsive and wouldn't heal or bomb even though I had money and bombs left. It wouldn't heal me at critical points in the mid 40s when zombies were swamping me. In fact it got me game over like that twice.

Also, with the deer, eagles, and cows in the upper 30s, they should be worth more than when they had appeared earlier seeing how much tougher they were.

But outside of those issue it was a good game. I hope to see more.

gets old real quick

starts out ok but then just drones on and on, i started to feel like a zombie myself point click point click raaaaaha, it was a good concept but the fun factor is where its at, mabe a little more variety on doing things rather than just mindlessly shooting

it's not a monster HOEDOWN it's a monster MOWDOWN

I beat MONSTER MODOWN. the batteries to my mouse died on level 44 or 45 and if I had not just purchased the nerd with the chaingun I surely would have died while I scrambled around trying to find a working set. I mean, I wouldn't have died (of course), I mean my little team of guys in the game would have died.

the real satisfaction of MONSTER MODOWN comes from OBLITERATING a level after buying a new friend. I think all the people getting hung up about the playful names of your allies have obviously never been in a real MONSTER MODOWN. also I think you're missing the point that all these people from different backgrounds are COMING TOGETHER to do battle with the monster hordes TOGETHER in a SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP.

it's a positive message of hope and brotherhood that I feel some of you are missing. they are RAINBOW FRIENDS y'all. the only shame is that it took a HORDE of monsters to get them to band together.

on a technical note, I did find the bomb and health keys completely unresponsive at times, which very nearly killed me. AGAIN, when I say killed "me" I don't really mean "ME" like as a person, sitting here at this computer. I mean the little guy in the game. I want to clarify that.

back to the positive: I also appreciate how all the corpses remain on the field each stage. and the art direction in general is a treat. it'd be nice if there were a couple of bosses to break it up. the all eagles stage was a nice touch.

lastly, and yes I am finally done with my first ever review on newgrounds, I would have to say I was a bit disappointed that I could not TIKI DANCE around my friends to upgrade them, but that's just me.

Not bad

It's pretty fun, but I didn't like that you can't repair or upgrade the base. Also the amount of money you get is not nearly enough.

I gotta agree with GungaD, it seemed kinda racist buying a china man, or a black man. You could have just named them as ranks in the military or something.

But as for game play, it's not bad. Keep trying.

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4.21 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2010
10:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed