Coal Express 2

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After Coal Express, we decided to improve our engine and make the gameplay somewhat, MUCH Better, Let Us Know What Yous Think;

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Description: Here at Freeaddictinggames.com we have created coal express 2. This time in the coal express game you must reach the next factory in order to progress, collect the goods from each Freeaddictinggames.com factory and see if you can get them to the next freeaddictinggames.com factory, meeting the demands. From boxes, to logs, to tires, to basketballs, your journey is only just beginning.freeaddictingga mes.com thanks you for hosting this game and playing this game.

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Needs work

Very smooth graphics, nice style. There are a few problems which makes this game quite annoying and I feel it would have a much higher score then what it has currently if you fixed them.

First, the tutorial is COMPLETELY lacking. The only way I knew that I was supposed to click to make the crane pick up stuff was reading comments. I thought it was glitching also because the item I picked up would magically disappear (though I realize now it is just in "storage" for when you start dropping them off, but that wasn't apparent. Maybe with a counter by the crane that shows how many things you have left to put onto the train, instead of it disappearing).

Second, the swinging crane part is extremely annoying. I understand it swinging for putting the cargo in the train, it adds a degree of difficulty in placing. But for initially picking up the cargo it is extremely tedious and annoying. I don't need to have skill in picking up the cargo, yet I have to wait for each swing back and forth to pick up another piece. Maybe instead have the items all ready to go so all you have to do is just drop it into the train.

Third, the train power gauge is way too slow to recharge. I understand the use of it, but I feel that it just plain isn't enough power to get by. The recharge gauge needs to be sped up to eliminate though inevitable waiting for full power halfway through the level to get past a hill. Particularly when it is one of those hills you have to be going very fast to ramp it or else you will blow up (like in the very first level).

Also tied into the power gauge being to weak is at least make it so the train starts with full power right at the beginning. So you don't need to load up the cargo and then wait for a full power gauge before you start.

Fourth, the warnings that pop up on the right side of the screen seem to be completely arbitrary. At least the ones that say "60 Km". I have no idea what that means. Is it telling me I am going 60 Km per hour? I have traveled 60 Km? I need to go 60 Km to make the next bump? 60 Km to the finish line? The number almost seems random to me. 30 Km will pop up when I am going really fast or really slow, 90 will pop up going down hill and uphill, 60 will come at the beginning and at the end. Maybe have this explained in the tutorial that needs to be added to the game.

Another thing that I want to see more of in this genre of "deliver cargo" is more use of weight. I want it to feel like I am pulling a heavy load. Usually it just seems like the load is more/less bouncy, oddly shaped, floats more/less, etc. which is like every other cargo transport game. I want at least one level that isn't about the cargo bouncing out of the back and having to restart, but is about trying to get a really heavy load up hills and stuff. Maybe have the cargo strapped in so it eliminates the bouncing out part and just focuses on power.

Another thing I really wish somebody would do (hint hint) is combine this genre with an upgrade system. How about you get money for amount of cargo delivered/time/condition of cargo. Then you can upgrade things like engine power, speed, braking, etc. Maybe have some special features like buying a net to place over the cargo that will hold in the cargo unless a strong upward force rips it (then have it replaced next level. Even have different upgradeable strengths of net. Like start out with rope, then nylon cables, then steel cables, etc.). Just make sure you can always replay levels for money so you don't hit a wall by finding a large hill on a level you can't get past simply because you didn't upgrade engine enough, and can instead just go back and get more money until you get the proper upgrade. Also try to make the upgrades change your vehicle as much as you can. Like better engines look stronger, etc. It is nice tracking the progress of upgrades.

I did like the use of power bar. That was a feature I haven't seen used before. It just needs more tweaking to make the game more fun and less like work to time everything perfectly.

this game was a cool idea

what you could do is make the acceleration take a little less time? if you dont make a hill it can take a pretty long time to get back into the swing.

Very nice one

hughman, try to use the mouse and make some clicking

Pick up cargo?

Maybe this is obvious but how do I pick up the cargo? Looks like fun but I can't get past that part!

kuz182 responds:

Left Click To Pick Up The Cargo, This Should Help, "D


The game is cool, only thing i dont liked is the music, its boring i dont know.. but the game is cool, good work!

kuz182 responds:

Its A Shame You Didnt Like The Music, Sorry, Thanks For Your Review Though Mike :) Happy To Know You Liked The Game

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4.00 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2010
10:47 AM EDT
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