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Zombie Trapper (Updated)

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This game is all about killing zombies!

Unlike the other zombie games, in this game, you are not only using your gun to shoot em but also using traps to trap them. As your gun is not always powerful enough, you have several tools which you can use to assist killing the zombies. You can seal the zombie gateway by the fences, and set up traps on the path they will be passing, and stand beside and see how the zombies be killed by the whole trap you set.

Yeah! That's all about the game! Zombies! Use your imagination to trap the zombies! Time to rock, my sherif!

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bad game

not in my genre but it was horrible make the buttons close i was putting a trap on a boss lvl and i died every time cause i had to lift my fingers to get trap

some advice

ok, figured I'd write a review and let people know key things to do from what I've figured out. 1st off, for those of you who clearly lack it, this game requires one KEY thing: STRATEGY. use your traps!!! 2nd: fuck all the other traps, the flamers are your best goddamn friends and the best damn trap there is. 3rd: get the shotty as early as you possibly can. 4th: dont be afraid to put yourself in harm's way a little. best way to do this is lure teh mindless flesh eaters on top of flamers. dont worry much about ammo and dont be afraid to use up your trap allowment. lay your traps near your alter and create air tight hallways and paths full of death. use ammo a little sparingly if you're low, but dont be afraid to use your gun to weaken the bastards for your traps. you dont want to get uber trigger happy though or else you'll run out of ammo when you really need it. yes, the boss on 3-5 is a cheap ass whore and like to jump around. easy answer: KEEP JUMPING. when he jumps and lands, if you arent in the air, its gonna HURT worse than sliding down a razor blade butt-booty naked, pouring salt on your body, then landing in a pool of peroxide.... trust me, it hurts.

now that I've done what I can to help, I LIKE this game. its really addictive once you figure out how it should be done to survive.
great soundtrack, it really creates the proper atmosphere. great character designs and fluid animations. and really good sound effect on all ends.
much better than some of the other games you've made, why it has a lower score, I'll never know.....

keep up the good work and I'll keep blasting zombies while waiting for the next game you make!

Fun but...

I did have fun playing this, until I got to the fourth boss. He is simply cheep as hell. He jumps and misses me, yet kills me. He does too much damage waaaayyyy too quickly. After dying 5 times from a phantom jump, I had to stop playing lest I destroy my lap top.

Repetitive, but fun.

Zombie Trapper has a focus on TRAPPING. Getting new guns just helps you out, but the main points is to use traps. I got to level five using just the pistol, and I probably could have done so longer.


The stupid ad blocks everything!