Harmony Keeper

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Play as a Harmony Keeper, and bring balance to the universe and space by eating extra planets and stars, of course there are baddies who will want to stop you.

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I loved this game even as a child!

Played it years ago...wasnt bad...it was very good...one time forgot the name...and now im here...at this majestic game... 5/5 such a great game even better than BF1 and CoD Ghost ;-;7

Very good game. My favorite type of guardian was the "Homing shot" guardian. I would re--name the "Wide shot" guardian to the "Split shot" guardian.

cool... just cool...

25%cool 25%good 25%super 100%great
some guy;that is a 200% max
me;i know


Nice little game. I can see why this won daily 3rd place. It's really fun and addicting. The level up system and skill points are great, plus the whole summon and eat planets concept is brilliant, and a tad funny at the same time. I've only made it to the 3rd planet, and then my browser crashed :/

I'll have to beat this some other time, heh.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2010
9:31 PM EDT
Skill - Collect