Cloud Control

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Stratus 10 Points

Solve 5 puzzles.

Altocumulus 25 Points

Solve 10 puzzles.

Cirrus 50 Points

Reach the ending.

Author Comments

You are a cloud. Clouds don't care about anything.

This is a precision puzzle game: touch each blue cloud to assimilate them, then move together until the sky is yours. Don't try to leave the screen or touch storm clouds.

Move your cloud mass with the arrow keys, and click the arrow in the top-left to return to the level select screen.

Pay no attention to the world below.


I like it.

The retro-look is amazing, and I like that church type music/song.

Totally agee with joxp.. Saying that there's no point is this game beacause you're playing as a cloud.. that's wrong. Take super mario for an example: You're playing as an italian plumber that has a quest to save a princess from a big turtle looking dragon, and to do that you have to kill turtles, collect mushrooms and jump on blocks. makes sense? NO! But the game is still aweome, huh?

Feck em all, Radix..

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Pretty awsesome

First of all down below, you are not only an ass but have no patience. This is a nice peacefullish game, second most 8-bit and retro games are awsome. I mean thats like saying Mario sucks, and thats not true. It's also nice to look down below, it's not pointless at all. Not all games have to be all fast paced and stuff. But yes I do agree the preaching was not a good idea. I just wish I can make the clout a bit more blocky then bloby.

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i have several questions for you

the crap is this? is this sopposed to be good? how did this get front paged?
this is the most boring game i played ever in my whole life , i don't get it.
so you move a cloud to the rainy clouds the they become clouds and you win the level :\ this reminds me off those old crappy 8-bit games that were meant entirely for kids and uhm i think games have advanced since that , i'm not talking about graphics i'm talking about gameplay , grahics can suck i don't care as long as the gameplay is good and this game's gameplay well uh wow i feel like i'm playing some game that the angry video game nerd reviewed , the preaching was pointless oh and it wasn't just pointless, it was IRRITATINGLY HORRIBLY ANNOYING! my god the preaching is probably the worst part of this game and the worst part of it that it's completely unneeded and pointless. It's like hey let's add something that will make the score of this game even lower.
the game can be mute for all i care. who would add preaching as a theme for a game were you control a cloud? This game also seems a failed attempt at making a really simple game insanely addicting.
I didn't even have enough patience to try to pass level 6 i just freaking snapped i couldn't take it anymore. When i start a game i try to play throuh it till the end, but this is the only game that made me freaking snap i just couldn't take it anymore this game sucks so much.i can't say much on what to improve because it's too hard for me to find any other word than simply BORING.
oh and the preaching as the main theme it lowered my review's rating by 4 stars
i hope your proud of yourself , i have passed so many video games and flash games and so far this is the only game that made me freaking snap.

Radix responds:



this is Horrible.... M-Bot erase this, i dont care....



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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2010
12:39 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place August 31, 2010