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Reviews for "Cloud Control"

What can I say?

This has got to be my new favorite past time. I know what I'll be doing when I'm not doing anything.


Finally a mentally relaxing way to have fun!!!

this is truly

a great work of art 10/10
original concept, very soothing music!
this would be perfect if it was in the apps store so i can play it while in the plane. staring at the clouds below me :)


it's a really simple concept, but it get's really nice after a while. But except for the epic tune and just plain great game, most of all, I liked the story that was happening down below, it tells of land in total warfare, but you can only guess why. This really intrigues me and it gives a total extra dimension to the game, especially combined with the sound and the cloud that didn't give a fuck about what was going on below.
I guess you intended it this way, because otherwise you would have never added 'pay no attention to the world below', A.K.A, you are definately going to watch the world :)

epic game, keep em comming

A good game of pure strategy and skill. Hard and addicting, the way some games should be!