Reviews for "Cloud Control"


Best thing i've played in quite the while. Inteligent, original and immersive.

Fucking. Awesome.
Good job.


very original

Nice game

This is a great game, although it can become frustrating after a while and I'd advise turning the music off early on, else being driven insane will likely ensue.

Didn't really need a story really, although from what I gathered ... clouds don't care about the stuff going on below them, all they care about is staying away from storm clouds and making it snow to (maybe) cheer things up below once in a while.

Recommended if you've half an hour or so to kill.

I don't agree with most nature-lovers but...

This game hit it right on target for me. Nature can't feel, nature can't hear, nature can't taste.

However, nature can see. When you think you're alone, you're not. The clouds are watching you. Nature offers us Bouquets and food. What we offer only hurts them. It's not a matter of nature feeling pain, but of the shame of what humanity has to offer back to nature, who gave it everything and continues to today.

A good game of pure strategy and skill. Hard and addicting, the way some games should be!