Reviews for "Cloud Control"

I just want to say that

i really appreciate the music. that's ars nova, right?

Good Job

Damn the times i died when going out of bounds!
Damn the times clouds moved up or down and decided to join my tetriblock!
Damn the music which i stupidly didn't mute until a couple of hours later!
Good game with good level of difficulty.

One thing: Guys all these annoying things where coded on purpose, they are not mistakes. Annoying things = Difficulty +


i love clouds CLOUD!

catchy music too.

whered u get it?

Loved it, great game

I don't understand why people bother commenting that it bores them. It's not suppose to be some high action game, you have to use your brain and it's more so a peaceful game. Something you can relax to. I enjoyed it, although I wondered about a few of the scenes of the world below.

No, matter what others say, this is good!

Just feel so chilled when playing this game! Addicting, and well built!