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jue - junior

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Author Comments

This edition is for the junior players. The many keys make them easy to launch attack.
The normal edition will be released soon.
Thank you for playing.

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Those reviews are crap

Good basic fighter, definitely shows some incredible potential. My advice is, more levels to fight in, more characters. I had fun throwing my little cigarette at people x]

Has potential I guess.

For a flash that looks like you could have drawn it up in a few minutes, it has some smooth animation, which is a plus. I expected the little stick figures to be choppy in their movements. To say the least, if this is the best you can do, then keep on making flash, you can improve, if not, then try harder before you actually submit something.
Anything else seems to have already been addressed, also, do not take my review into full account as I did not fully play this game, I only sampled a level.

The controls are too complicated to be fun.

Seriously, why do you need three buttons to punch, three buttons to kick, three buttons to use "skill attacks" and another button to rage?

End result: I find myself leaping around desperately mashing buttons as the computer rips me a new one. I AM FIGHTING THE GAME, AS OPPOSED TO FIGHTING IN GAME.

Next time, consider coding for combo moves (e.g. back+punch-punch-kick = Flying Buttcheeks of Death.) That would make more sense than simply allocating what feels like four billion buttons for a simple beat-em-up.

7, that's it!

This game is pretty good. I really enjoyed it. Although I only played as the guy with the hat, I found the game really fun, not fun enough for a 10, but enough for a 7/10. I give this a 7/10, 5/5. It was a pretty good start. Keep working on this. I'm looking forward to more work from you. I really liked the cool things you could do with all the different buttons laid out on a comman US-standard keyboard. You made good use out of my keyboard. The controls, though, could use some work. This is my little layout board of how this game got to the score it got, at least, from me:

+Had well enough controls.
+Nice powers and characters.
+Nice menu.
-Glitches with the AI enemy where you could pound them with an attack and no reaction, or before your item hits them, they're already quivering on the ground losing health.
-Very short. The game is only two levels long in STORY, and that to me, isn't really good for considering a game - a game.

But overall, this good a generally good report from yours truly, Outlet. This has been an Outlet Review. Signing out.