Pebble Land

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Hey everyone, this is my first Flash Submission to Newgrounds!
This isn't my first game, but it is the first game I've totally completed.

I'd hugely appreciate constructive criticism as well, that way I can make Level 2 better.



Logged in just to comment on this :)

I really liked this, for it seems to be a promising start-up for a game, and you are almost there!

Actual Setup / Physics:
For the pebble is able to move really fast, you should add some accelleration for it and the mobs. This probably would need a bit more testing, for u would need some more space for longer jumps at times, but these kind of jumps would require much more skill, so you could decrease the overall movement speed a little. Adding acceleration on mobs would also give a better feeling for when they change their direction.

A few bugs I ran in:
At times, the screen started shaking, moving the picture one pixel up and down (at the third platform.) Also the character-pebble started "hopping" while not moving around. It looked kind of like an earthquake, but I m not sure if it was intended.

After running through the level 2 or 3 times and jumping into the Abyss before the final wall, i respawned directly under the first mob-spike (which killed me, then.)

U got a "Start game" Sentence to click to start the game,
And a "try again" sentence that can not be clicked. Instead, u got to click the big pebble.
--> Note: The whole concept of "having to click to respawn" was something I did not like, for I was playing the game right-handed with the arrow keys, then had to leave the keys to reach for the mouse, then reach for the keys again. Simply let the respawn happen automatically or by pressing the space-bar, so the left hand has to do something , too ^^

In the future I really would love to see several upgrades for the pebble, like a double jump, floating or even adding weapons, the small collectibles could be used as throwable ammunition, for example. Maybe, the pebble could "grow into a rock" by collecting the larger collectibles to jump a bit higher or move a bit faster or have more overall health?

U re at a good start, now u need some sounds. I would add these even before messing around with background music.

I hope u liked the feedback, for I really liked your pebble :D

to stop letting it look like s... (comment below) maybe simply change its colour to grey ;)

can't wait for part 2

I must say I found this to be really good. Although some music would make it better but I know that you are working on music and have improved all that stuff so I can't wait for pebble land level 2

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ChrisCookie responds:

Arlight, awesome, thanks. :)

Not good

Altough it was a good try, it isnt good enough to like. You lose life way to fast, and your "pebble" is to jumpy to control correctly(He goes to fast, jumps forward, hitting spikes).

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ChrisCookie responds:

Alright, thanks for the criticism mysterious person whom I've never met in my life.
I'll take it to mind.

great game

good effects of the stage and character

ChrisCookie responds:

Thanks! :)


The pebble looks like shit

ChrisCookie responds:


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3.21 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2010
11:35 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other