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Carnival Shootout

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Carnival Shootout will be testing your shooting skills in various situations. Each level takes you to a different environment and has different targets like bunnies, moles and birds to shoot at.

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Horrible hit detection

Your highscores are either fake or someone is using cheat engine to speed up the rate of the objects popping up/falling because I got 100 accuracy on one mission and didn't even have half the highscore total

Like the first review the target practice lvl is ridicolously high my best was 3.600 and the target goal is 5500
since each bullseye equals 450 points you need 13 bullseyes to beat it assumeing you even get 13 targets in the 30 seconds you are given. I almost forgot 10 bullseyes and 100 accuracy might win but who knows :s


Good Game


You sir have redefined "ALL MY FIVE R BELONG TO THIS" This is one of the best games i have ever played! Good Work!

One Tiny Little Problem...

Is it just me, or is it absolutely impossible to get past the target practice level unless one is lucky enough to have oodles of targets pop up? I certainly don't mind a game getting this hard by say, level 10. But for the baby level to be this frustrating? Poor game engine design that needs to be fixed.