Germicide TD

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Germicide TD is a challenging tower defense game in which you battle microbes that have infected your body. Levels gradually increase in difficulty with the upper levels providing a formidable test of skill. Choose from a variety of turrets to defend against many enemy types.

Shortcut keys:
S to sell selected turret
X to upgrade selected turret

If you're stuck on a level, you can click on the Tutorial button on the Level Failed popup, or or visit our website for a tutorial showing you how to beat the level.



Its a little too much like "Desktop Tower Defense" for the DS, minus the graphics. Same towers, same enemies (diff. names).

Over not bad

Only complaint I have is the enemies move too fast frequently I can't spend money as fast as I make it. as I'm trying to build they are rolling in so fast I can't really build. slow it down by a factor of about 25% or better yet slow it down by 50% and offer a variable speed up button.


I found the bosses to be a wittle too bossy in the way as the were almost impossible to kill unless you had a super long maze of towers which will get monotonous and boring just clicking away with the tower make button, also the splitting microbe seemed be a little too OP in a way as they would take about 100 damage *example* and they're little splits would take just a much to kill, My recommendation is that you lessen the amount of damage the bosses have to take before they die, and make the splitting microbe miniatures have like a 3rd of the health of the original microbe and give about a 3rd of the amount of points and money earned for killing them as the large one.
All other points of this game seems pretty good all in all, seemed to remind me of bubble TD for some reason but hey, the graphics were good, the game play was good, didnt see any glitches, the balance wasn't too bad besides the a fore mentioned points, but those are what kept killing me time and time again, so it killed the game, any ways i hope that you can improve the game and update so that its easier to other players :D laters

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Wyvernstudios responds:

On boss units, try poison turrets. They don't fire that often but the damage that they do over a set period of time is quite a bit more than any other turret They are essentially "Boss killers". The don't work to well against splitters or other, fast multiple units. Also, if you use digestive matrix's alot, their "slow" ability significantly decreases your need to build really long paths and you can concentrate more on upgrading. Don't overlook using the exploding units as a weapon as well. If planned right you can use the hurry button to overlap them with hard units, so that when they explode they do massive amounts of damage to the other units. To use them right, attempt to use area effect units first to uniformly wear them down and then some strong turret to take down a single explosive unit. If done right the first explosive unit will trigger then next unit to explode and so on , creating a change reaction that travels down the wave, destroying everything.


not the best kind of fun

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3.56 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
6:57 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense