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Llama Copter

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Author Comments

I made this game a while ago when I first got into flash. I just realized I had never uploaded it to Newgrounds, so here we go!

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Well youve got the idea

Its pretty difficult :P
I hate the sound when you collide with the wall
If youre going to keep it add some stuff like block where you can go trough or floating items i dunno
its kinda challenging and funny, at leats for me :D

not bad

game idea has been done before but the llama twist is interesting. needs some fine tuning but not a bad start


I really liked it, hahaha.

Funny idea

It's really rough flash and it's annoying that the second you hit the wall your dead and get the screen that says "Don't hit the walls."

I think the idea of a Llama Copter is cute but right now it's in simple and early stages. I think you should go back and give some TLC to the background or the bricks or Llama. More detail and something that's pretty to stare at for 3 minutes would be better than a white wall.


It's a decent game but is kinda similar to alot of other games.
keep up the good work.