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Epic Fail 5 Points

Get all 4 small items' prices incorrect.

Perfect Pricing 5 Points

Get all 4 small items' prices correct.

Plunko 10 Points

Score $0 on the Plinko board.

Retro-Great 10 Points

Score $21,000 or more on the Plinko board.

Fantastic 25 Points

Score $30,100 or more on the Plinko board.

Spectacular 50 Points

Score $41,000 or more on the Plinko board.

Author Comments

Another labor of love. A fun, quick game. There's a bunch of medals in there, hopefully, and Newgrounds users can compete to hit the high score board!

Once I get enough complaints, I'll throw more stuff up here. For you non-Americans, all prices are in American dollars.

Edit 1: Yes, Plinko is mostly a game of luck. Look it up on YouTube. And some users have asked to be able tp drop the chip wherever one pleases. Since the Plinko board is basically a giant binomial distribution machine, it would make very little difference in the end result to have you guys drag the chip anywhere you want. Trust me, I've thought of this stuff.

Edit 2: Fixed a bug, resetting the high score board.

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I think you should change the way the physics work. All it does is go one way then another, or just one way. I still like this.

Each shot has roughly 27% chance to score a 10k if deployed exactly in the middle. This is the best chance to go for the last medal.

5 of them in a row requires that chance to the power of 5. That's approximately 0.153% or 1 chance in 650.

I don't know how Newgrounds allows these kind of medals. I really don't. This is a cheap move to try forcing players to come back to the game without adding anything new.

Two stars for the graphics and presentation. I don't understand how you're supposed to answer the questions. What the heck is the 'first digit last digit' stuff? Doesn't make sense to me and ultimately turns into more guesswork. You might as well make this a procedural animation that plays itself.

This was a pretty fun game, simple idea with a flashy presentation. Both the questions and the random ball-dropping idea are fun, and the name is catchy, though since it is random the ultimate medals do feel a bit discouraging. I mean, you can only get five changes so the probability of having 41+ is pretty slim. Anyway, without that final potentially unobtainable prize it's good fun. Nice work!


It's all random, no skill or thought comes into play. It's all just luck. Absolutely no point to play this except for medals and even that's not really worth the time.

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
11:01 PM EDT