Jazz Man

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A music game with three stages. Stage 1; Aviod. Stage 2; Collect. Stage 3: Match. This is a quick music game with jazz music and jazz art.


Stage1: Use your mosue to help the 'Jazz Man' to dodge the red notes.

Stage2: Use your mosue to collect as many white notes as possible.

Stage3: User keys 1, 2 and 3 to match the yellow notes that are falling.

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This game was really cool I would just say add a start button it took me like 5 min. to figure out how to start. also i didn't really understand if i was hitting the notes or not.

Tanoshii-Games responds:


Yeah, that is the main message I have understood. I need to add the score in and a beter menu for next time. Thanks for your review.

Many Thanks,


Needs a better title.

Because it's a very nice little game. I didn't know whether I was avoiding or collecting the notes at first though. But I wouldn't suggest adding any instructions, I like the simplicity of it.

Tanoshii-Games responds:


Thank you for your review. I agree with you 100%. A better menu and instructions is something I need to keep in mind. I hate doing the menu, it is the hardest part for me.

Many Thanks,


Good game!

Despite some of the other people's reviews, I believed it was a great game. I do not have the traits of the typical critic, who dumb something down despite the fact they cannot do it themselves. I mean... I can't do anything like that!

The idea is excellent, and I don't think anyone can draw away from the fact that the graphical test is great, as it isn't like one of those crappy 8-bit games. The graphics are decent. Of course, there is room for improvement, but hey, how can you improve when no-one points out what is wrong with it?

Okay so, a bit of positive criticism... which is only improving an already good game.

1. I suggest a 'beating' effect or something to signify a good or bad move, eg. If you click on one of the notes you need to collect, or maybe small comments if you hit a string of notes correctly like 'Perfect' or 'Spot on'!

2. If you make a clearer menu or 'Start' button, I bet people will greatly appreciate it.

3. I bet anyone can agree that the last level is a real challenge. What if you went up slowly in levels as it gets faster and faster, or you can set levels for each individual game to better challenge the gamer.

I hope my advice has helped. Thank you for reading.


Tanoshii-Games responds:


Thank you very much for your review. It has given me alot to think about for a possible 'Jazz Man' 2. This game was developed in 2 days, so is very raw. Once again thankyou for a constructive review.

Many Thanks,


Very smooth

I enjoyed it, like the combining of the levels, but the trumpet was the coolest for me. I loved the jazz music. It's a little hard to do well with a laptop mouse pad though, but still good job.

Tanoshii-Games responds:


Thankyou very much for your score and review. I develop on a laptop and find it easy. Mind you, I have played it over 100 times.

Many Thanks,



the idea is nice and I see some originality in combining the 3 games.. But it's annoying that there is no penalty to hitting the notes or missing them, because now you don't know whether you hit them or not. Still me as a big fan of rhythmgames appreciate this kind of submission. People that like these games play Rhythmworld! probably the biggest rhythmgame on newgrounds.

Tanoshii-Games responds:


Actually there are penalties for missing them and hititng them, Try the game missing them all and yourl notice the score will be a minus.

Many Thanks,


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2.80 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2010
12:21 PM EDT