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Zombies in da House

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Author Comments

Enjoy :)

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I liked it! Very creepy :D Excellent music and overall nice graphics style


you get 3 because you ripped off all hallows eve made by Seawana you noob make ur own games not change others music and sounds

nice but ...

game is nice but ...
1. no save game
2. zombies too small. too hard hit in the head
3. only four types of zombies

My grenade launcher has four ammo (not one). This is correctly?.
what was written at the end, just before the final animation? (quickly flashed image with text)

Just like another user said its another game

Its the same game as "All Hallow's eve" wtf?

Its simply a copy of...

All Hallow's Eve, from Seawana. Entry #199440 on NG.

Its only been changed in graphics, and music. So its the only points you get, for the rest you didnt create it.