the RED/BLUE connection

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UPDATE: Oh come on, THIS became the underdog of the week? I suppoose I shouldn't of had all the people I know give hilariously high reviews! REVIEW FIFEN! Hehe, I kid, I'm actually really against the vote fifen procedure. It keeps the great movies from ever being seen.

As for the game, if you feel you are missing the point, don't worry, there is none. As for the "slap in the face of action scripters everywhere" I thought it was a rather creative actionscript. Anyone can make cars move, I know, I made Destruction Derby. As for the bash on Texas, um, you are attacking a geographical land mass, what a dreamy man!

Seriously though, it kind of bugs me that my movie is getting this much credit when kick ass movies like Parovadius are on NG.

Seriously people, don't waste time on my movie. Go out and take notice of the small Flashes with messages that have effort put into it. It's the mindset of the people that make NG great.

On a personal note, Kharma Ghost is still my favourite movie on this entire site. It is oozing with style!

I still love you guys and I'm sorry I can't come back around here more. Fear not, I'm working on a real movie (yah, they all say that), but I really am!

AIM: tinyinvaderkev



^^Good Points^^
Ok, the scripting is decent I suppose. The game seemed to do what it was supposed to do.

^^Needs Improving^^
First off, pretty much anywhere you click you get taken to some website, which has nothing to do with the game. When I did click in a random spot and actually got the game to start it wasn't that fun. I got the dot outside of the circles in a matter of seconds. No sound either.

Pretty Good

I really didnt understand what to do lol but i guess you just made this for a laugh...Music was good though lol

Argh man...

What is the point, oh reading this it says there isnt one. Its alright, but mondo easy, and erm i hate to say it but it really doesnt deserve underdog of the week, it really wasnt all that good, would have been so much better if there were levels and stuff.


If it got underdog of the week, how'd it win a 3rd place? I'm not saying this game is bad, but I think it didnt' deserve the underdog. XD Nice game.

It's stylish

Without a point, yet it seems like there should be. Makes me think.

Very interesting on how you got daily 3rd place AND Underdog of the Week. Thats something I've never seen happen before.

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2.10 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2002
11:55 PM EDT
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