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Solve logic puzzles and enjoy yourself.


Kinda standard

Some instructions/objectives would be nice though.

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well done game

Good: Challenging, steady climb of difficulty (meaning - it doesn't suddenly get impossible. Say, for instance, puzzle A is easy, but then the next puzzle, puzzle B, is effing impossible. This game doesn't do that.), good music, this type of puzzle is rarely done, so it feels fresh.

Bad: Questionable hint system [instead of taking you to a different website, it should highlight the dot you should click. But if you do decide to do that, Recipito, you should give us a small number of hints, 5 at the most, but let us earn hints starting at level 10. Solve the puzzle= 1 new hint Solve using the par number of moves (meaning: Solving the puzzle using the same number of moves set as the par. Example: the par is 7, solving the puzzle in 7 moves)= 0-4 new hints, depending on how many puzzles you've solved.]

Mrohnoes, OUT!!

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this is really addicting and fun

i can't seem to get par on all the levels but if don't care about the par then its kinda easy ..... its really hard but a lot of fun

not bad at all

i like this game

Dude this game is epic!

It was so epic and addicting that you should put ng medals on it.

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
4:53 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other