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Death Fighter-enhanced

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Yumicky, Can and Jack are talented fighters%u3002In order to participate in the National Fighting Championship, they start fighting against each other. The winner would get the qualification for participating in the competition. In the enhanced version: The health of fighters is increased, Skill Attack becomes faster and Revenge Attack lasts even longer. Enjoy the game!
URL:http://www.freegamesw ow.com/games/death-fighte r-enhanced-version/

WASD to move; JKL to punch; UIO to Kick; %u2190%u2192+ any punch for skill attack; %u2190%u2192%u2190%u2192+
L for Revenge Attack. The revenge skill would be activated after being hit for more than six times.

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This was a fairly entertaining game to play and the downsides were that it was pretty hard to play. The graphics were nice even if there was not much distinction between the two characters. The coolest attack was easily the Revenge one. Man, I swear that laser blast cut off a fourth of your health! The background is not very detailed but being a stick game it does not need to be. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it was a bit more detailed and had some slicker graphics.

This is still a fun game to play because you have a lot of health so you get to really form some strategy. It was also cool with how you had good mobility around your environment and control. The sound effects were decent. It was also cool to use the attack where you had a giant fist. It could have also benefited by having some more color.

wow, pretty awesome

this was really fun, but somehow i coudnt activate my special power thingy :( aparty from that, this was well made, and keep making this cus you WILL become FREAKING AWESOME at this :)

Not bad...

Characters: First off, there were only three of them, but that isn't the bad thing. the bad thing is they look very similar to eachother and when they fight it seems there is no difference at all, they fight in the exact same way.

Controls: The movement was fine but the attacking was hard. Of the 6 attack buttons use gave us you never told us which were punch and which were kick, and they seemed to be all jumbled up. Also a better descripion of the specials is needed, I didn't know weather to hold both directons or to press them alternivitally.

One last thing: The amount of HP you gave for a single round was very big for a fighting game, it takes ages to get beaten up or to kick someone elses butt, then the 'out of 3 rounds' thing doubles the length again.

Verdict: A not too shaby effort but more variation in the characters is needed, better controls are needed or better description to make it easier to play and maybe lower to amount of HP, either that or have only one round.

Review: 4 / 10
Vote: 2 / 5

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
6:05 AM EDT