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Maxim 1

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if you are pressing the mouse on boss without relesing it will make the enemy less danage,
but if you clicking few times the enemy will get lots of damage.
---another UPDATE---
a year or more has been passed.
this game is no good and i know i shold make a remake.
music has been changed...
my first flash game in NG! :D

the story is about jake , that was kidnapt by someone`s from School.
you are Maxim. you neet to discover where is Jake, and who kidnapt him...
on the way try to get badness.

Maximum Badness points walkthrough:
*take the gun from the first locker.
*shoot the elevator.
*lie to the hall monitor or run avay and after a few seconds he will not be there because hes looking for you.
*click 3 times in the ladys bathroom.
*you will be kicked out and earn some points.
*in the second floor (which you have been teleported to),
take the item there and press on the lamp.
the lamp is not broken.
finish the game, and you get a medal! :)

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Nice game.

Pretty nice game!

Almogzxp responds:

thank you

this game is good!!!

i love it !!!
(and i dont say that because im your brother...)
but you still need to improve your sound.

Almogzxp responds:

i know .. but i just dont know how to do that ....
im now serching for guilds.

It has potential...

I figured out why my music sounds so bad in this game... You have it programmed so that as soon as you go to a different room, the music starts to play again without stopping the one already playing, so once you go into a room and back out, you have the music layered on itself 3 times, and it sounds really bad.
You can probably fix that really easily though. (I don't know much about flash, but it should be possible to make the music loop, instead of just starting it when each room starts)
You also have a lot of grammatical errors, which you should probably fix.

Other than that, I think this game has potential. There's not much in it right now, but I think you could expand it into a pretty huge explorable school. You should maybe add some conversation trees with other characters, and maybe some different side-missions for people.

Aside from the music glitch and grammar mistakes, there's nothing really wrong with the game right now, you just need to add a lot more stuff.

Almogzxp responds:

Okay, I'm going to fix the problems, but your suggestions will be realized in Maxim 2.

i fixed the bug, but i cant make the sound better.

Pico's school ...

Can't really judge this since there's hardly anything there. But you got a lot of grammatical errors, the music isn't the greatest, and overall it reminds me too much of Pico's school.

But be fun once you build on it.

Almogzxp responds:

i know that looks like picos school.
that just with less Violence and Curses.
and that is my first flash game.
If you just tell me what to improve,
I assure you that the game will be better next time.