How to Kill an Apple

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Previously known as FlameAlchemy I'm resubmitting my work (the old ones I did when I was like 13... and hopefully the new ones...). This is one of my favorites, a classic... How to kill an Apple, simple in almost everyway but somewhat fun.




it´s ok

hate to be the one to say so....

but "shotgun" is mispelled.

Fureimes responds:

Srry... was made in a rush... can't you tell XD?


The this flash had a feeling very similar feeling to "Club a Seal", but with less interactions.

The soundtrack somehow fit too. I don't understand why, maybe there's some mysterious link betwixt the mellowness of the song and apples.

Good work, though.
I am honest when I say it feels like club a seal. It somehow delivered the feeling I received from club a seal the first time I played that.

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Lol i expected that

I voted 5 because it was amusing for about 2 or 3 minutes and i hate to see the actual fun ones get blammed, but as for my review vote its old and the animation isnt too great, kudos though you were 13, i still know nothing about how to make flash, if this were to get blammed may i suggest a remake of it and more options, maybe a different scene for each, ive seen something similiar and for one time im being constructive, right bed for me, good luck

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Fureimes responds:

Don't worry... as soon as I find some free time I'll re-make it. Thank you so much for the review n.n

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2.62 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2010
10:53 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy