Evil Office Fish Man

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This is a small game I made to test an Action-RPG engine I am working on. In this game you play an office worker who has transformed into a fish man. You only have two minutes left to live, so you must kill as many people as you can. You can also find some creature artifacts to make your life last longer.

I will be reusing this engine to create an Action-RPG, so please let me know if there are any parts of the game play you didn't like, or if you find any bugs.


I not sure about this one.

It took a little while to get the controls down but once I did their was no body left standing. (except the guy you can't kill at the beginning.

THE GOOD: Modeling, while it wasn't top of the line AAA game 3-D it's nice to see someone put in the extra time in on the character models. So that gives you at least a 2 right off the bat.

THE BAD: I'm not going to give this a zero for the controls being bad even though they were. I think the problem comes from the angle at which the game is played though. I felt like you chose this angle to give the game more of an overall 3-d feel. This in the end hurt the controls. Limited to one attack thats it. walk walk walk spacebar walk walk walk spacebar. The characters died with one hit, to me this pushes closer to web interaction than web game.

SUGGESTIONS: This is what it is and that is..........a test game. I would add a reward system even though game play is based off of time. I would then have the creature start at the very top floor and give him an amount of time to complete each floor. then as he makes his way to the final floor add more aggressive characters that can take more than one hit. Perhaps every time he finds an artifact his weapon becomes stronger. Maybe all these suggestion are not the direction you want to take the game. I leave you with this last suggestion: way more ways to kill the characters use the environment as well. Take it or leave it.

FINAL SCORE: -2 for controls, -2 for interaction, -2 for playability, -2 for replayability. Thats a nicely 3-D modeled 2.

Looks good, but everything else sucks

This game's graphics were actually pretty great, but the controls were horrendous. You're on a grid, and movement is extremely awkward, especially when you need to line up your guy to make a kill. The story is really dumb, and there's no challenge whatsoever.

This was awesome LOL

I thought the storyline was amazing for some reason, but so where the graphics! It was a fun and neat game, really unique aswell, Tekorobo is cool, keep goin you guys!

Seems ok

Obviously there wasn't so much of a need for a story since you're testing out something you've got so no real points lost there. One thing I noticed was that, when you talk to that first person, time continues. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Didn't seem to be any glitches for me, granted, I only played once through. The stepping could be a hit or miss with people I think. Some may likely say it's too fast and needs to be slowed down some so you're not zooming across the room, others will likely say it's fine and it shouldn't be changed.

So far it looks like the engine your using shows potential. Hope to see something worthwhile come from it.

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Nice 3D work, but needs work

You have obviously spent some time on the 3D modeling, it looks pretty good. The movement controls are a little awkward and not intuitive. However, as a base to make another game, I think this could work as a foundation after some improvements have been made. The attack animation looked fine and I love how people cower when you swing, a nice touch. This game as it is isn't great, but for what you are doing, it works. Good luck keep workin man!

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Aug 18, 2010
2:57 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler