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DummyNeverFails Community

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Dummies return after the great success of the original game "Dummy Never Fails". More than 12 million plays and thousands of player made levels in 2 months.

Objective : reach the goal, less pain better!


- 110 new levels!

- 51 new skins to unlock!

- 3 new music tracks!

- User friendly level editor

- High scores

- And... a lot of dummy pain !!

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This game freezes my firefox

Thus why it is not a full 10.
Even graphics-intensive games usually don't do that.

I beat it

The beat the impossable level. Wow, that was the easiest thing i've ever done in my life. LOL. I love this game tho.

i beat that "immpossable" level

promat, i just shot it over the thrusters

this one's inpossibole

1#cino,465.20,161.15|cie,289.20,308.5 0|cie,311.00,307.10|cie,339.65,309.90 |cie,375.15,303.00|cine,417.45,300.25 |cin,454.25,274.05|cin,461.10,243.75|
cin,459.70,205.20|cio,392.90,155.60|c io,428.35,159.75|cio,338.30,165.25|ci o,276.90,170.75|ciso,238.70,176.30|ci se,229.45,280.60|cis,208.70,192.80|ci s,204.65,221.65|cis,212.85,250.45|l,3 27.40,221.75|rhe2,384.70,366.35|rhe1,
575.70,340.20|mc,579.85,309.75|rvd,49 6.60,147.20|rvd,496.55,319.50|rhe2,49 1.10,33.05|rhe2,491.10,431.10|cie,257 .80,301.60|cine,192.35,283.70|cine,20 6.00,304.35|


Go here for a walkthrough