Mercy Meteor Smash

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My first ever real public release of a game before. Plenty to be improved upon but enough to show it off. Made using an older version of Flixel (Big thanks to Flixel!) this game is mostly dedicated to friends of mine in an online roleplaying community I frequent, and therefore will probably not make much sense to anyone else who plays it.

Idea of the game it to fly into the meteors to stop them hitting the city below.

Arrow Keys - Fly Around
X Key - Shoot thermal vision (when power up is active)

You cannot win this game, the aim is to just score as high as you can!

P.S Due to newgrounds restrictions the size of the playing field had to be shrunk from 1200 pixels to 940~ pixels. Sorry if its a bit odd.

P.P.S Preloader seems to break for some people. Will try to fix.



Your direction is always up, so if you want to hit a meteor at the side of you, you can't hit it. It's annoying and you can't hit anything.

nice game

this game is very well programmed and quite well mad.
however. it is very hard to control the charactor and it seems almost impossible to make sure your town isn't getting hit.
you should make more games but with a little bit more control over them!
keep it up! :D


There are a few things you can fix to make this game a lot better. First, try to make it so when you press an arrow, the guy keeps looking in that direction instead of going back to looking up. Second, if you're going to have limited ammo, at least have a way to replenish it. Next, add levels so that when you destroy a certain amount of meteors or bombs you advance. Lastly, another good addition, in my opinion, would be with adding boss levels within the levels.

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Purps responds:

Thanks for the helpful advice! There is actually a way to replenish the ammo but I will admit its a bit rare. Occasionally the meteors give pick ups, one of the pick ups is ammo renewal. But I will take your advice on board for future projects!


moves so fast you cant hit


Was a little bummed by the lack of ammo. I realize that it is a "score as high as you can game" but I would have liked it more with infinite ammo.

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3.35 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
1:11 PM EDT
Action - Other