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Journey of Bugzy

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After 4 month of development the Journey of Bugzy is finally ready and on Newgrounds!

Are you ready for the biggest adventure of your life? As a bug... Point and click adventure where you need to help Bugzy the bug on his journey back home. After huge storm Bugzy is lost and he is really missing his home and family!

Controls - Mouse

Credits - Huge thanks to all the beta-testers!

Hint - Don't hesitate to use "Hint" if it's getting hard and you are sick of dying. It's in-game button and just giving you a hint and not loading you anywhere out.

Hope you enjoy :)

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challenging and addicting p'n'c game

very nice, for me it's one of the favourite p'n'c games.

Good click adventure

I liked the challenge, but I gave a 9/10 because sometimes you would try to click on something and, one, it would say I clicked on something else, two, nothing would happen so I would assume you don't do that yet and try something else and die, or three, have to wait for the hint to cool down so I could figure out where to click, and it turns out it was what I clicked on but I didn't click the right spot.

But other than those three minor problems, fun good game, the challenge works.

Didn't like it

The graphics were ok and the animation was pretty solid.

However, I'll be honest, I feel the game didn't reach its full potential and I didn't enjoy it.

First, we are not presented with a puzzle but rather thrown in a random scene with little clue about what we have to achieve. Therefore, we end up clicking randomly in order to perform actions and in the hope of collecting any objects. The gameplay pretty much end there: clicking randomly everywhere on the screen.

Often, the action cannot be foreseen and leads to an unexpected death, which is pretty uninteresting. The logic behind each puzzle is your own and the player as no way to find it. There is no indications of why we collect a specific object. No inventory to keep track of what we have, so the puzzle do not make much sense until they are completed. Why does the character assembles a parachute in one scene but not in the other when presented with a similar hurdle if all the required elements are present? Once we realize that the game is a random click fest, there is no incentive to continue to play the game. One incentive could have been a story. Another would have been a proper introduction to each puzzle...

Clearly, the visuals are polished but the gameplay and the puzzles are lacking.

Simply wonderful!


well the music was good...

it is pretty fun and challenging too.