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Flash Dreammachine 1.0

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Binaural beats are pulsing rhythms created by playing certain frequencies in separate ears. When paired with a matching visual beat in sync with the audio it makes an encompassing environment where one can focus on specific ranges of their brainwaves. Some have tried to sell this sort of thing as a "digital drug", but its not. It's really just a tool to help you deepen your awareness on your subconscious. If you would like to know more about the science, look it up:
http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Binaural_beats

Have fun with this, try it with music if you would like. It's a good meditation tool. It works for the same reason strobe lights and fast music make a good experience. It's totally harmless just remember DONT USE THIS IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY OR ANY OTHER PHOTOSENSITIVE CONDITION!!!

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Audio setup is completely wrong.

I'm not going to completely disregard the possibility that something is wrong with my headphone settings, but if not, you have a MAJOR problem with your setup here. I've had a lot of experience with binaural beats, and the audio setup is completely wrong here. Each headphone should play it's own clear, unwavering tone, and the difference in frequency between the tones should be the desired brainwave frequency. Here you have it setup so each side of the headphones is playing the EXACT same WAVERING tone. This simply will not work. Your brain detects the frequency difference between the tones in each ear, and the wavering heard from a proper binaural setup is a result of this difference, NOT because you have made the tone in each ear waver. Please read up, maybe check out some real binaural programs, and resubmit this in a way that actually works, and you get a 10.
P.S. While setting the visual flicker color to black does indeed turn it off, I would maybe make a clear option to do so for people that can't figure that out. For some, audio is more than enough (me).


I really liked this, it was a very interesting experience.

Just one thing you really should change, the Epileptic Warning should be a LOT bigger, perhaps make it a splash screen with a "Play" button on it to click to access the main interface of this tool. (I'm not epileptic, but i know people who are, and your warning is VERY easy to miss.)


...Is pretty... Interesting O_O...


It is awesome! :D


I really hope you now any reputable psychologist will always tell you this is merely a placebo...of coarse it does change your brain waves, in the same way i can change your brain waves with a strobe light.

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2010
4:26 PM EDT

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