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illusions and more

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illusions and more has 55 images of juicy goodness that why its such a big file.

you can click on each image separately or scroll threw with the arrow buttons on ether side of the image.

If the magic eye help is not working make a new tab and paste this in. ---> http://www.magiceye.com/f aq_example.htm

Tell me what you think about it

most of these pictures are not mine I do not take any credit for them I am just showing them in one package.

Have a good day :)

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I Agree with 10JD...

Yeah...what he said. I've seen too many submissions with the same illusions, this isn't anything new or inventive, although you have some flash skill at organizing, but that's about it =/...

Good Job

You should check your spelling though.

NO! Daily 5th my ass!

you shouldn't be proud of this flash, but embarrassed. You obtaining a daily award off of this flash should result in a deletion on your submission. Googleing images and slapping in them into a simply scripted menu dose not make it your original work. I don't care if you credited, even though they are all credited improperly. The daily award system is an opportunity for real artists to be recognized. Not people with the ability to use google, and menu tutorials.

This is honestly something that would be flagable and agents the submission guidelines. When you submit it and you don't credit the specific site/artist you took the images from, and yes have to give credits per image, not just say "i googled them" or "they aren't mine" But if you don't credit it properly, you are claiming it as your own work/stealing them. Its not like your submission was using them somewhere in the backgrounds, or as an effect. All these stolen images MAKE THE SUBMISSION, its like opening a museum with no information about the art.

For your next flash... make something without using other people's work or images. Be more origional in your efforts



i love the magic eye number 6 moving 3d rings i did not no it can do the 10/10


Actually I've seen most of these already. The cat one was pretty new I don't think I saw that one yet. None the less optical illusions are always fun to look at and it's fun to tease your mind a little. Great compelation bro!