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2.5D Tutorial

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Here we go. Finally, an AS2 tutorial that I typed in all the scripts, by myself. No help here.

This tutorial teaches you how to make a 2.5-D game engine, including movement and scenery.
Where you go with Enemy AI and/or items is up to you.

I've explained most of the scripting in the script, with the notes.

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This is shit.

You have no sense of perspective. A simple code to have the character increase or decrease in size depending on it's distance from the vanishing point would have been a huge improvement. Also, you suggested that having the bushes there, which the character would move behind after a certain amount of walking, would create a sense of depth. It doesn't, as they're all on one flat layer. This is just 2D, there's no .5 about it.


Well, if I add a section about walls, then it would be more 2.5D and have the character not go off-screen.

Telling someone to copypasta is not a tutorial

You should explain how things work rather then tell people to copy and paste code. If you don't, it's not a tutorial, it's just a shortcut that beginners can look at when they don't feel like doing something themselves.

Even if your code isn't the most optimized or clean, you can still help people out if you explain the concepts behind what you're doing.


I'm actually more interested in the fact that two rotating spheres can look like actual moving legs, than by the "hiding behind bushes" 2.5D thing :)