Knight`n Golem

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Hi all

This is my very first Flash based Game. Over the years I used to make several flash animations but never tryed to code anything (it was just to complicated ^^)

The Game isn't supposed to really entertain anyone it's just an Upload for me so i can keep it somewhere save and Newgrounds is my No. 1 site so why not place it here.. maybe someone who didn't start scripting until now will now gain ambition to start just as i did 2 days ago :D

If any other beginner wants my source .fla file (12MB) feel free to ask.

Copyright notice:
i used some Warcraft II sounds for my SFX and the Background sound is from Lufia.
Art, Animation aso. by myself

So long



Move left. Attack the gray thing three times.
Pointless, neither fun nor challenging, and what's the point of the taunt?

Halliconsun responds:

taunt: sensless ;) just trying to script multiple vars
win: so sens.. same reason :D
others: same reason;)

just having fun with my first code

You did alright.

Not bad for a first try. You at least didn't make the game loop and it is not glitchy. Control issues and hit box are a problem. Also, work on your art. You can only get better and being on Newgrounds you are going to need it.

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Halliconsun responds:

yea of course long way to go so is life. compared to Tarboy or Bitey of Brackenwood aso... yea i need much more skills but those people are geniuses and perhaps use Adobe Products in a much more professional way than I do so I most certanly will never reach such a high level of graphical illustration. Doesn't matter because contributing is the most important part of the path u walk

getting there

Attack animation way to slow like I was swatting a fly away.
Range of weapon was horrible. Directly in front?
Golems only took one hit then died.
I didn't even kill all the golems and still won.
I morphed through some barriers :3
The hero had a badarse detail while the enemies looked like something a 5 year did in paint class.

Halliconsun responds:

attack animation: yea i think i used to many frames for the hammer sway afterwards i was to stunned by the fact it workt (hitting creep) that i didn't want to mess up anything by changing my MC in the down layer.. but it still works (new vers. on my PC)

Range: naa the range is.. rectangle around the "hammer" so if u imagine the hammer as a normal MC u might see how close the range is ;)

Golems: jup didn't set any vars for their life like the boss golem

morphing: hmm ive to check that for myself thx 4 the hint

Animation: yea about that :D the knight originally is supposed to fit in a friends game we develop together, so i just used my allready animated knight to program a game myself.. the golems (the Backgound.. everything but the knigt) are.. mousedraw while the knight is "wacom board drawn" sooo.. yea it looks like a painting of a 5 year old ^^

thanks for ur review next game be sure will be AWESOME

hey it good

hey its good first for the first try i tried to make a game but i dont know how to make it move or kill or any thing

Halliconsun responds:

try to google flash movement with keys. u will find some good tutorials online.
on: mikestickney.com is a good one about arrow key movement. i enhanced the usual movement right, left, up, down by right,left,up, down stop animations.

- place code on your movieclip
- begin code on clip with onClipEvent(enterFrame)
--> fuctions will be enabled as soon as the flash movie plays the frame ur movieclip is placed on
- watch all "{ and }" while u code or u will have to count them afterwards so u can play ur game properly



//Right movement
_x+= 5;}

place this on a movieclip in the first frame, stop your main movie by adding stop(); on the first frame's action and now u should be able to move to the right by pressing right arrow key

READ online tutorials they help!


your good enough to know that newgrounds has good games in it, but it's not a stock pile for junk. Your games have to eiter entertain or good good to make i in, and this doesn't exceed expectations. Sorry I can't give good reveiw.

Halliconsun responds:

so u say my work is nothing but junk thats mean dude ;)

no of course i dont want to throw stuff here on newgrounds just to back it up. it was ONE part of my reason i placed it here maybe not a good reason but at least no sensless posting.

no problem, save ur rating for my next work :D

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2.32 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2010
10:20 AM EDT
Action - Other