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Freegear is a pseudo 3D racing game similar to the old Top Gear and Lotus Challenge games. The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world championship. In total, 20 unique races can be played in various weather conditions and environments.

The car is driven in a third person perspective and can be upgraded to improve its steering, acceleration, maximum speed and nitro power. Credits to spend on upgrades can be won in Tournament mode. Also, when the player wins a gold, silver or bronze trophy in a tournament, the races of this tournament become available in Quick Race mode, where the player can configure its visibility, weather and lap number.

-- Developer's Commentary --

This took 4 months to produce and a lot of patience but I finally realized my old dream of making a pseudo 3D simulation like my all-time favorite old school racing game, Top Gear. I had to cut many corners to be on schedule though, and you can be assured that a sequel will be made, with a little big help for the graphics.

To be fair, the engine itself is fairly good enough for my taste, but the graphics are definitely lacking, the races are somewhat repetitive, the AI and collision detection are very obviously rushed and the interface downright sucks. It's okay if you get lost trying to start playing, I almost do get lost myself in this mishmash of textual confusion. I still have a lot to learn on that front.

Anyway, thank you for playing, and stay tuned for more online digital entertainment signed DieJay!

Edit: Daily second place?! Gee, it sure was a slow day on NG. Trust me, I'll make sure I deserve it next time!

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damn i used to play this so much when i was younger goodness gracious
talk about nostalgia

It's a awesome piece. I won't say much about this game other than what you had said above.
I am wondering if this is an open-source project, because from what I see there is not even a way to download the flash.
I'd love to see this being developed into a Windows Desktop Program. I had some experience in it. What's to be also done would of course be the "rushed" collision model.

Es retro y muy bueno.

Very neat. Reminds me of Top Gear on the SNES. Fun little racing game, it also goes perfect with the 3D parts, as in it's not laggy.

old atari classic remake

i got this atari joystick, ancient, and its got a game on there a lot like this, same sound too, could this be your reference? pretty good, but im not much for it, sorry.