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Street Speed

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Street Speed is a high-octane, action-packed arcade racer that will make your heart rate jump. No minimaps or realistic car collissions: this game is inspired by classic arcade games where fun trumps realism.

Win street races while smashing into opponents as much as you can in order to achieve a high score $$$!

Steering = left & right arrow keys
Accelerate = up arrow or space bar keys
Nitro = X, C or V

Developed by Pepsi Coder
Sponsored by King.com / Funflow

Thanks for playing!

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this game marked my childhood but it is a pity that I only found this agr game on this 6 or 7 year old dps site without playing since the flash player is no longer supported, however

Very cool music! The game has very good physics for a 2d birds-eye view game. It definitely has that kind of tease that makes me want to play it more tomorrow. So I will. Thanks for dthe entertainment, and the music to dance to!

Not bad

Love the music, the driving was a bit difficult, but after a few races u make up some "tricks" not to slide off the road, but yeah, a bit more grip would be better

it was okay

it wasnt bad. but it wasnt the best ive seen

I am not sure what to say.

The game is pretty decent. A good set of music and it's not really buggy. Yet the controls are what killed me.

I played a lot of top racers in the past and the controls for this one are right on the bottom. The whole experience made me feel like I was drifting. I didn't feel their was any real world mechanics to it and it felt more like driving a bar of soap instead of a car.

pepsicoder responds:

Hi my friend, thank you for your feedback.

If i made cars less drifty the game would have required no skill, and being their is only 4 tracks this would have made game too easy.