Flea 2.5

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Author Comments

Hop, skip, jump and bounce your tiny flea through up to 50 more levels of intense platforming action... again! Unlock up to 8 backgrounds and 6 fleas as you go! Sequel to the popular "Flea 2." Good Luck!

Arrow Keys - Move Flea
Space - Jump

Enjoy! :D

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esay as pie

enjoyable but to esay

Re: too easy + review

To those who think the game is too easy, they should actually try level 4-2 and 4-3. I actually wonder if you can make it, while getting all the gold stuff. lol. Now, to the review:

Same old starting rating: 5

Loved the music and gameplay. It really slides in great. :D (2+)
This really helps with reaction (eg. cube lights up, you gotta get outta there, chief!) so I give an extra star for that. (1+)
I love the way you created the fleas and the backgrounds. (1+)

At some points it's very frustrating, llike those level I told you to try out if you thought the game was too easy. Then once you get to the end, without collecting all the gold stuff, you have two desicions. 1. Go in there aand get the gold stuff, risking having to start over the entire level or:
2. Continue the game, without getting those points. Darn, what a hard situation!

The Verdict:
Although the game is awesome, nothing can be perfect, right? Anyways, great game, hope to see more from you.

Rating: 8/10, 4/5

P.S. I gotta get some tips on animation and games, because I wanna make an animation. So if you're a decent animator, give me some tips on animation. Thanks!

Too easy?

The fact you can basically fly makes the game pretty easy. Maybe something to limit the amount of jumps you can do in mid-air.

Still a fun game to play.

pretty good! and epic

awesome game! although, i kept dying xD it was addicting, but i got bored after a while for some weird reason, oh well, maybe that was just today. and just me. 9/10

Pretty cool

I agree with RandomParadoX, there's nothing that really sets this game apart from other platform games. I was enjoyable to play though :D

Good job, 8/10, 4/5.

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
8:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle