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Space invader Classic

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Move your arrow keys left and right to move your space shooter left and right. Press the 'space bar' to shoot.

power up engine test

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I didn't like it at all....and I like the CLASSIC Space Invaders. Aside from the fact that this game hardly resembles the classic spaced invaders, most of the game play elements were done poorly.

Didn't like it

Don't make a game called Space Invaders CLASSIC, and make it something completely new and almost unrecognizable, other than the basic format. That's not why I didn't like it, though. It's not a bad thing that you tried something new. It just wasn't really innovative. I've played tons of games similar to this, and a lot were much better, because they added something else to make it interesting. I also didn't like the sounds, or the music. I thought it was annoying. It would have been better if you could have made it a bit more unique.

e-norm responds:

this game is a test of the power up engine to my next game pixels shooter

not classic

but space invader

Pretty Good

Not bad at all really. i liked the music it was catchy, the game play was smooth and challenging. I didn't like that I couldnt shoot through my own sheilds but thats just a minor inconvenience is all. The only thing is... this really isn't classic space invaders. the gameplay and layout is but the game itself is a more updated version if anything, so the name can be a little bit misleading. even so it was still a good game and you have true potential, well done!