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Chao Pong

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Yea just a simple game of pong with chaos. I dont know why but i just really like chaos it makes the game funner just because its chaos and not paddles. =] enjoy

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this isnt actually bad

though there are a few problems. there should be a countdown to the fruit launch (and maybe it should move slower). it would also help if the chao was controlled by the mouse.
This does get a bit boring after a few minutes. you should put a score limit on it. or maybe as the scores get higher, it gets harder (maybe some spiked balls flying around, or a third chao running all over the place).

A message to the tossers below; this is called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. look it up

still needs much work...

still needs much work..... especially the response time of the enemy... the only challenge here is the fast moving ball, but after some minutes u get used to it... but the enemy is still so slow -.-'

Done poorly.

I don't quite like the controls, but the game is simple and not horrible, I mean, it did what Pong does. But, I don't like anything was done at all. I mean, the difficulty didn't feel like it even change throughout the game. Also, the game didn't feel, that...fun. Perhaps, making it more visually pleasing will help you a lot.

Needs work

Not realy a bad game, it's a good concept but i find the ball or peach or whatever does move quite fast and most of the time neither you or the computer can intercept it, making it a sit and wait game. the difficulty setting is just numbered with no real explanation of what number means what difficulty and no way of telling what diffuculty has been chosen and while playing i noticed that whatever difficulty i chose, the game seemed exactly the same in the speed of the ball, my character, the computer character etc. But i think with some work it could be a rather fun game.

Not that great

The Chaos move too fast, for one thing. Maybe just spend some more time on it improving quality and adding features (attacks, defense, different balls with different qualities) and maybe you might have a winner.

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0.96 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2010
4:08 PM EDT