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Space Gate

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SpaceGate is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up from BadgerManufacture, inspired by the NES era of shooters such as Astro Warrior and bullet hell games like Xenon 2 and Cave.


Press 'p' or escape to pause
Change the color filter while paused.
Change the volume levels while paused.

Arrow keys or w,a,s,d to move or mouse.
Firing is auto.

Arrow keys to move WASD to aim
Mouse to move arrow keys to aim
Firing is auto.


-Arcade mode similar to Xenon II and survival mode similar to Robotron with randomly generated assets.

-Take control of 5 space stations over 3 difficulty levels.

-Over 25 enemy types including 5 bosses and 5 mini bosses, with different attack formations.

-Frame rate adjuster: press - and + to add or subtract 10 frames to the frame rate during play.

-Mouse navigated gui featuring LCD font.

-Gameboy inspired color screen filter during pause.

-3 powerup types, cannon missile and side.

-Single life survival mode featuring randomly generated assets and map with increasing difficulty.

-Map in between levels scolls to show a preview.

-Health pickups

-1up every 500000 score

-Bonus of 5000 for destroying whole waves

-Monochrome screen mode

-Quit/cancel buttons

I hope that you enjoy playing this game. I have done making it :)

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I really enjoyed playing this game. Beaten it multiple times while playing around with the colour schemes, very nice touch.

The gameplay is well balanced, everything looks and moves very nice.

Bigger screen, maybe?

I liked it!

The monochrone screen mode was a nice touch for it reminded me of GameBoy and other portables I played as a kid

game added to favorites

my sole suggestion is to use more screen real estate - I have an aversion to too small a playing field... hard on these eyes of mine.

MechBadger responds:

My inspiration was Arcanacra the Japanese shmup which has a screen only 2/3 of the size. Thanks for the good feedback :)

Better then I expected

Since I had an Amiga back in the 90ties I played so much vertical 2D Shooter I normally don't stick to this games very long here on NG, but to my pleasant surprise, "Space Gate" was different.

Reminds me of many of the great old Amiga games, and it is a fun to play it. Also, the different modes (Arcade/Survial) and difficulties are expedient and I am sure I play it again, soon. Good game you got there, guys.

MechBadger responds:

Thanks, I had an amiga as well and games like Xenon II, Hybris, Blood Money, X-Out and Menace were definitely inspiration for this game.

Great game

I love playing this! Also the music goes with the game; you picked a good one. Color picking is useful, found red really helpful. Control options are also a useful feature. Only suggestions I have is to make the game bigger and make enemy fire a little more noticeable.