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Master of Fortresses

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This game took about 8 months to make between me and Paul (the artist). Balancing work between school and the game was hard at times. We think the end product was worth it - I hope you all enjoy the new game!


[August 7th 2010] - Thank you for the bug report guys! I'm on it as we speak - and I hope to upload a fix within a few hours!

[A few hours later] Okay - I've added some extra checks that should help to avoid some of the bugs. In addition to that, I've added a "Fail Safe" button. If the game bugs out, or you have one troop hitting you out of range, or enemies stuck, click the CALENDER beside the WAVE COUNTER. That button will cause the enemies to all find a new path, and should fix those errors if they occur during your game!

UPDATE 3: Fixed time achievements that were not being awarded properly. Fixed a reported typo on grenadier achievement. Fixed "Logistics Genius" achievement, it was not giving players double starting cash. Fixed the bug that allowed you to upgrade to a Grand Cannon without unlocking it. I will continue to update the game based on feedback!

UPDATE 4: Modifications to make Endless Mode more difficult. If you are finding it too difficult, you should earn some campaign honours first which will really help in endless mode. Engineers should not be on hitting buildings. They don't have that kind of power, but they are meant to be very tough. I've had many many reports saying the game was too easy. This update also has some general fixes and edits.

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wow, this game is incredible, at least one game that I can be Prussia, I will love a second part


Freezes up whenever Engineers come onto the field. I can still here cannon fire and gunshots, but the screen is frozen. Does not resolve itself in the 10 minutes I have waited. Tried restarting but ran into this twice now. Pretty much ruins the game. Hope this can be fixed! I enjoyed the game otherwise. 5 Stars for everything else; but it's no use if it can't be played. Sorry.

Nice game

But I feel that the "Rotate Bastion" command should have more options than a 90 degree spin. as that severely limits the amount of locations to put a cannon.
Also, I noticed a bug where some engineers would just glitch out and start spinning, doing nothing at all.
Other than that, a great game.

Well-balanced, with a nice touch of history.

I love this game primarily because it's tower defense game that goes where almost no tower defense game has gone before: the European conflicts of the 18th Century. That single fact alone earns you an 8/10. Gameplay is also smooth and challenging at the same time, not to mention that achievements actually DO SOMETHING for you rather than just being in a showcase that no one else will ever look at. Now that's innovation, which earns you two more points.

Overall, very good game. Keep up the good work.

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2010
11:30 PM EDT